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Hypnosis sessions typically last 60-90 minutes and are catered to your specific needs.

Some weekend and evening appointments are available for your convenience.

Pay online or at your appointment.

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free phone consult

If you have questions about how we may be able to help you, let's chat!  Send me a message with the link below or text me directly:


first visit

This is a comprehensive, 60-90 minute appointment to get established as a client, discussion of your goals and options, and includes hypnosis and post-session discussion.

Stop smoking

This is a 2-session package for success.  Many clients are done with the habit after just one session.  

Price below is $45 savings!


Lose weight

This is a comprehensive, guaranteed, 3-month program that includes 5 hypnosis sessions, 2 coaching sessions, self-hypnosis program, and weekly motivation and accountability exercises. 

Price below is 35% savings!


This is a recurring workshop event offered either live or by Zoom call.  Everything you always wanted to know about hypnosis and you get to experience what hypnosis feels like!

IDEA:  Host this at your party for FREE plus extra discounts!

Free 45-minute class


For clients who have already had the "first visit" appointment and want to explore other possibilities, repeat appointments are offered as a package of 3 additional sessions at a discount.

Price below is 20% savings!