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Embrace your own Serenity, Dynamic Personality, Ideal Body Weight, or Habit-Free Life! 

What would it be like to face challenges with power and calm?

Serenity is the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.  With demands and concerns about a pandemic, family dynamics, relationship complexities, finances, and career, stress is rampant in most all our lives.  The way we react to this stress is actually a choice, and hypnosis is a great way to be aware of that choice and to anchor in a positive outlook about any situation so that you can make decisions and take appropriate action for the best outcome.  A good example was my client who was unhappy and stressed with her government job.  The stress of that job was never going to change, but her attitude about it was certainly malleable.  Through hypnosis, she came to the subconscious realization that she was unhappy and should be doing something different.  Today, she is an effective (and happy) yoga instructor touting the benefits she got from just one hypnosis session with me.

Dynamic Personality
Dynamic Personality:  How does my energy attract others?

All my sessions include some extra bonus of a self-esteem boost - We all can use that reinforcement to be able to put forth our best self in navigating life.

Sometimes, personality can be the primary focus for hypnotherapy sessions.  This is especially beneficial for those in sales roles who desire to project unshakable confidence in voice and mannerism.  Just think about this:  Many of us act differently around people we know versus strangers where we may be a bit more timid while we "test the waters"of the energy between the people in the room.  But any timidness or holding back our best self is also a choice!  Hypnosis can help you put your best foot forward and be your most confident self that invites discussion or sales.

I have also helped clients with focus while studying or reading, and approaching exams with confidence so that anxiety doesn't interfere with results.  The same is true for sports performance - a huge factor in our performance is our mental attitude or perception about the expected outcome.  Let's choose to win!


Body Weight
Can you imagine your ideal physical self at a perfect weight?

Remember that phrase, "You are what you eat"?  It originated in the 1800's and was revised in the hippie era of 1960's, promoting healthy eating.  Well, I agree with it . . . mostly.  Many have also "swallowed" ideas about low self worth or some other ideas about perfection and they simply give up, and so dieting doesn't work.  I hold more firmly to the idea that "You are what you think" and that this is a necessary precursor to any structured diet for weight loss.

Hypnosis is effective at supporting a person's self-worth, determination to achieve a goal, and also a resolute attitude in food choice.  You can't change your life until you change your mind!

Smoking Cessation
What awesome changes happen when you quit cigarettes?

Probably the most common request for hypnosis is to stop smoking, and I've enjoyed helping hundreds of people stop smoking, often with just one session.  My success is based on a strong connection with my clients, without use of any cookie-cutter program.  Every person is different, and I spend time helping you connect with that "highest self" within you that supports your desire to eliminate smoking from your life, forever.

Other Habits: The use of other tobacco products (chew or vape) can be addressed as well.  I have had success with clients who stopped chewing their nails, grinding their teeth, and support for addiction.

How much of your healing is related to your attitude about illness?

There is scientific research that hypnosis can cure warts!  This is through having an impact on the immune system.  I make no claim to "cure" anything; however, I absolutely stand by my belief that your attitude will have some influence over the success of adjunct therapies.  For example, in working with some cancer patients, I helped individuals with attitude and perceptions about chemotherapy side effects.  There was definitely improvement of nausea complaints, and no one can really argue with the statement that those who EXPECT to fare well actually have a better healing response than those who have a defeatist attitude about their treatment.  An "attitude adjustment" might be just what the doctor ordered!

How else could my life be different after hypnosis?

My style of hypnosis is highly customized and, therefore, creating a list of things that are possible with hypnosis would be a monumental task.  To that end, my technique allows for individual subjects and requests that include things like phobias (spiders and needles to name a few), having an "openness" to wealth, or even exploring origins of personalities with past life regressions.

You are central to your success with hypnotherapy, and I spend time helping you access the most important aspects of your subconscious mind for a positive, life-changing, customized experience.

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