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FORGET YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION! – Here’s what you REALLY should do in ’22.

The buzz in the media and maybe in your own circle of influence is all about “New Year’s Resolutions”. You might be rolling your eyes right now at the mere mention of the words, and that’s natural because 92% of people fail at their resolutions!

For context, here’s a summary of the top new year’s resolutions:

· Lose weight.

· Exercise more.

· Get organized.

· Learn a new skill or hobby.

· Live life to the fullest.

· Save more money / spend less money.

· Quit smoking.

· Spend more time with family and friends

The “clincher” is the top reason that new year’s resolutions fail: People know WHAT resolution they claim, but they don’t know the WHY.

For example, you may say that “this year I am going to lose 20 pounds!” Are you trying to lose weight to be healthy, be a good example to your children, or to be more sexy? Without emphasizing the specifics attached to that, for a CLEAR MINDSET, I’m sorry to say that you have only an 8% chance of success.

You might not even know what you “should” be working on in 2022 . . . but wait, YES, you do know: At our deepest, subconscious level, deep in our heart, and deep in our soul, we know! I’m going to call that your SOUL TRUTH.

My own Soul Truth "resolution" is "FEARLESS EMPOWERMENT". When I focus on my soul's deepest hunger, then those bullet-point resolutions above become (wonderful) side effects of my mission instead of things to fail at.

What might YOUR Soul Truth be?

I may have the solution for you, for free. The link here gifts you with a free, no-nonsense, relaxing 10-minute guided meditation with the purpose of helping you connect to your deepest soul / heart/ highest self to get an honest answer to what your soul is hungry for.

I would love to hear the answers you come up with. CLICK HERE to Enjoy the gift and the year 2022 that changed your life!

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