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Penmanship is a Big Deal!

Have you ever taken one of those quizzes in magazines or on Facebook? Maybe you were looking for the deep meaning of your name, or you wanted to know which character from Friends you really are. We have all looked twice at those questionnaires that are supposed to tell us about our real selves, but more often than not, they are typically gimmicks that are wrought with advertising. There are some valid tests, however, that do peek into the real self, including handwriting analysis.

Graphology is the science of analyzing handwriting for revealing personality traits based on the way we put words on a piece of paper. Among other things, the way you cross your T’s or dot your I’s, tells something about some of the 5,000 characteristics that have been studied. Here are a few VERY GENERAL examples:

· Rounded letters may mean that you are creative and artistic

· Pointed letters could indicate you are intense or very intelligent

· Open letter O’s often indicate you are talkative and social

· Closed O’s can reflect your private nature or being an introvert

No one is locked in or diagnosed by these indicators, but they can show something about you and your “deep self”. Out of curiosity, I did some studying and reading up on Graphology to mainly learn things about myself, and watch for patterns in other people. I asked myself whether this is real or not and decided to do an experiment:

Several years ago, I was working as an ICU Nurse (at the same time I was reading up on Graphology), and I noticed that my typical handwriting indicated I was very creative. Then, I read that “meticulous people tend to write very small and deliberately”. (Although I was a good, careful nurse, that's not what my handwriting looked like.) I wanted to know if I could improve or be a better nurse: I wanted to be meticulous with my patients; after all, their lives were in my hands! So, I began PURPOSEFULLY writing all my chart notes in a different way. I printed my words very deliberately and wrote very small and legibly. It was amazing – Somehow, my mind clicked into “analytic gear” and I found myself being very organized at work. I soon got a reputation on my unit at the hospital, hearing things like, "I love Ralph's notes.“ or "Those are Ralph’s notes, you can tell by the handwriting - he is very organized”!

My conclusion is that our minds are malleable (we can shape and re-shape) to make our lives the way we want them to be. If you want to be more organized, then simply start writing in the manner of an organized person. Pretty soon, your behaviors become consistent with the way the mind is shaping up to be. If you want to be more artistic or creative, start writing with a loose grip on your pen, let go of thoughts, and free your thoughts on a piece of paper without lines.

I haven’t found a mind hack to “find your spiritual animal” or whether you might be a “taco or a burrito”, but handwriting analysis is a small but practical window to our complex minds.

If you’re interested in learning more about Graphology – here is a great chart that is easy to understand:

If you would like more insights into your mind and behavior, call or text me for a free consultation about how hypnosis can help you be your best self: 480-712-1400

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