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Be Grateful for Your Anxiety!

Anxiety is one of the most common concerns from my clients. "Medicating" the anxiety with food, medication, or other habits are not a long-term fix and only cause more problems. If you experience anxiety, you may benefit from my mind hack.

A mind hack is typically a simple intervention that you can do on your own, developing a habit of functional thought patterns to make your life better!

When I say "we should be grateful for anxiety", what I really mean is that, for our anxiety, gratitude is the answer. When we find ways to see the good in our life, it changes our perspective, helps us focus on the big stuff that really matters, and we become less sensitive to the little things that shouldn't bother us. Gratitude can be expressed outwardly in many ways, but can also exist internally as awareness or appreciation. When done over time, anxiety can lessen or even be eliminated, drug-free.

Ways to express gratitude when you're anxious:

  1. Something Internally: Pick up a piece of fruit and study it. Really! How amazing is it that no two pieces of fruit are exactly the same, there are complex textures, colors, and even smells to appreciate. With very little effort, you can get lost in appreciating the magnitude of something so simple. Imagine how MAGNANIMOUS your life is, in comparison to the wonder of a banana!

  2. Another Internal Technique: Breathe. Contemplate the complexity of this apparatus you possess that goes on "auto-pilot", but you can also choose to slow it down, or deepen it. Again, it's something that we take for granted, but it's vital, and your lungs are working!

  3. Something External: Write a letter to thank someone for their impact on your life. You can do this from scratch, or there are published resources out there to help you. One of my favorites is a "book" with the stationery already done, providing guidance to send a letter of gratitude every week of one year. "Letters for a Year of Gratitude". Amazon has it here.

  4. Another External Technique: Challenge yourself to compliment or thank someone else, verbally. My favorite is going to a restaurant, and when you're ready to leave, ask to see the manager at the front. Then, report what a delightful experience you had with your server. You've just TRIPLE-DIPPED: It's a win-win-win: The manager feels great, the server gets some kudos which makes him/her treat the next customers great, and YOU just leveraged some far-reaching positivity that can't help but come back and splash you in the face!

Sometimes, though, anxiety can get out of hand and may require medical intervention. I don't discount the benefit of a physician's advice when it's needed.

If you find you're somewhere in the middle, give hypnosis a try! My clients have had great results from hypnosis and are more empowered to take on life's stresses all on their own, as a result.

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