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So you think you can't be hypnotized?

From time to time I hear someone tell me, "I could never be hypnotized, my mind is too strong".

Well, it is true that I, or any hypnotherapist, will not be able to make you do anything outside your nature or contrary to your beliefs. However, when someone tells me they have a "strong" mind, that just makes things all the easier for me in my work!

Hypnotherapy is about customizing a solution to help a person with their goals. Someone with a "strong" mind actually has a "strong" advocate within their being to be an advocate to get things done. That sense of will or strong determination might be exactly what the person needs to be able to give up sugar, settle and relax in stressful situations, or give up habits or phobias.

It is a fact that we all go into some trance state several times each day. Hypnosis is just a targeted, purposeful, and therapeutic trance state. Those common, everyday trance states might occur while driving on a long trip, while in the shower, when you're trying to wake up in the morning and you are instead zoned out reading the cereal box without retaining any of its content. It's simply a state where the conscious mind is not so active, providing the perfect environment for positive suggestions, and that's what hypnosis does.

There are people who cannot be hypnotized, and some scenarios that prevent this include being on some medications, being under the influence of intoxicants, or even some mental health or psychiatric conditions.

So, I would wager you likely CAN be hypnotized. Come on . . . give it a try . . . go on now and . . . "cluck" . . . like a chicken! (The laugh will do you good)

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